Wanted Nurses & Caregivers To Be Assigned To The Rehabilitation Center SR 4000-5500 Salary

  • Full Time
  • Anywhere

We need 500 nurses and caregivers, preferably Filipino, to be assigned to the rehabilitation center. Candidate with a good experience in the rehabilitation center is an advantage. The salary is based on the candidate’s qualifications and experience, ranging from SR 4000 to SR5,500.
We do accept applications from the Philippines but a candidate with transferable iqama and local release is a priority.
The candidate must have good experience and formal studies in nursing or other related medical fields.
Please do submit your cv’s along with your credentials and certificates via email or WhatsApp in MS word or in a PDF format: [email protected] I WhatsApp # 0570107584
Only qualified candidates will be contacted.
Thank you & Good luck!!!

1. Always check if the agency or company you’re applying to is licensed for your safety. An illegal homecare company or agency has a high salary so that they can deceive you.
2. Make sure to check if they are legit by checking their CR number or Commercial Registration Certificate as well as the Ministry of Health Certification. Ultimately, this reminder is not just applicable to workers looking to be deployed to Saudi Arabia but to all other countries as well. Let us be vigilant!!!
3. Make sure that the company that you are applying to has a legit office. Do not deal with your recruiter at their home for any whatsoever reason.
4. The ministry of housing of Saudi Arabia has its specific place for housing and the ministry of commerce has its specific place for commercial or for business purposes. Make sure to deal with your recruiter in the office NOT in any other place.
5. Make sure that your recruiter is legit by contacting the company to verify their identity.