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We need drivers with their own cars

Work Timings : 9 hours a day / 6 days a week
Salary : 11 SAR per order

11 SAR X 13 Orders per day = 143 SAR per day = 3,718 per month
11 SAR X 15 Orders per day = 165 SAR per day = 4,290 per month
Salary : 11 SAR per order

11 SAR X 14 Orders per day = 154 SAR per day = 4004 per month
11 SAR X 16 Orders per day = 176 SAR per day = 4,576 per month
Above 16 = 12 SAR per order

Payment will be made after 15th of each month I made some changes to the ad

Payment will be made after 15th of each month

Registration process :
Must have Mandoob Talabat test done
Must share the iqama copy, license & picture of car (all four sides)
Then we will take the drivers to one of the branches for approval.
Strict Dressing : White Cap + White polo shirt without any logos, in shirt with belt and black jeans and black shoes
Must have android phone

Driver should make test for Mandoob Talabat
Diver should be inside the restaurants at all times and make delivery fast
Driver should make good relation with the supervisor and take a lot of orders
Driver should be active
Driver should take the advertisement from the restaurant and give nearby delivery area
Driver should not waste time in the car
Car should be clean
All contact must be made with supervisor for any issues (vacation, sick day)
Any holiday should be informed to the supervisor and restaurant supervisor

Please contact – Azeed : +966536353234. WHATSAPP ONLY DIRECT LINK TO WHATSAPP


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