Maintenance Engineer For Facilities Management Company

  • Full Time
  • Anywhere

Kindly send your CV – [email protected]

1. Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical /HVAC Engineering or equivalent.
2. 5-8 years of Experience in the same field.
3. Demonstrable experience of team leadership or management experience.
4. Belief in the need of continual improvement.
5. Good planning, organizational, communication and interpersonal skills.
6. Good knowledge of HVAC and building electromechanical services, including maintenance planning and manpower workload estimation.
7. Good experience in any of CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) or CAFM.

Job Description:

1. Assigning manpower to the sites through supervisors.
2. Preparing, implementing and monitoring the preventive maintenance schedules (Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly) through CAFM (Facilities Management Software) and call centre.
3. Evaluating the reports on the activities of all preventive & corrective maintenance tasks related to clients/projects through CAFM and call centre and ensures that their performance in conformity with the prescribed work methods, quality standards, safety guidelines and client satisfaction, especially checked the repeatable complains.
4. Coordinates with relevant supervisors for timely and efficient service maintenance of all assigned PM/CM tasks.
5. Coordinates closely with Help Desk (Call Centre) personnel in order to identify maintenance needs & actions as appropriate.
6. Ensures that the entire call centre activities are carried out according to standard procedure.
7. Costing of new maintenance projects.
8. Preparing required technical reports as required.
9. Ensures that all the required quotations and invoices for spare parts are issued on time.
10. Ensures that all the spare parts suppliers’ invoices are cleared on time.
11. Ensures that all the all-spare parts from suppliers, local market are arranged on time.
12. Maintaining and keeping all the work records (CM Reports, PM Reports, quotations, invoices, approvals, warranty copies, daily site visits reports, daily site visit time sheets………… etc).
13. Controlling the expenses to keep it at minimum level by following and tracking the material consumption, working hours, over time hours and transportation through call centre/AVL (Automated Vehicle Locator).
14. Minimizing the purchasing expenses by searching new suppliers offering better prices and comparing the prices through master price list.
15. Justifies the OT (overtime) hours.
16. Ensures the availability of Petty cash and try to minimize the cash purchases.
17. Keeping good relations with the clients and following up the contract requirements with them to get approvals, payments and feedbacks.
18. Coordinates with accounts section for any financial issues/ pending payments.
19. Coordinates with projects section for mutual labour interchange to complete the jobs on time.
20. Supports supervisors and technicians in day-to-day tasks as required.
21. Coordinates and takes participation in increasing the department sales in PM contract, repairing works, duct cleaning, unit replacement ……………etc.
22. Carries out performance appraisal of staff.
23. Performs any other related duties as required.
24. Ensures that the services are delivered in high level of quality.