Land Revenue Officer (Closing on 13.1.20)


Title: Land Revenue Officer

Duty Station: MAs or remote with frequent travel to MAs as and when needed

Type of Contract: Consultancy

No. of Positions: 01 Position

Duration: 40 to 60 days spread between January 2021 and March 2021


Over the last decade, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’s Merged Areas (MA) have experienced security challenges and large-scale population displacements. The merger, one of the most significant political reforms in Pakistan’s 70-year history, is an unprecedented extension of constitutional rights and governance structures to 5 million of the poorest people in Pakistan.

In its broadest sense, the reform process involves the extension of constitutional rights to these districts, which include elections for local governments, the extension of rule of law institutions, and an empowered legislature. However, this path is by no means certain. Recent research undertaken through this project has underlined some of the risks, including the danger of seeing reforms as a merely technical and mechanistic process.

The integration agenda includes new projects which may have the potential to introduce new conflict or exacerbate existing tensions between the state and ex-FATA residents. The Tribal Decade Strategy and Accelerated Implementation Plan which underpin the reform process include extraction of minerals, “land settlement” and the roll out of rule of law systems. While these may be essential aspects for economic, legal and cultural integration, researchers have associated similar initiatives with conflict elsewhere, including within Pakistan itself. There is a risk that these reforms could contribute to further instability in the region if poorly handled.

UNDP is recruiting a Land Revenue Officer to work with the local government offices in the MA to help provide support as instructed.

Responsibilities: The Land Revenue Officer will assist the leads in a proposed methodological framework as designed by the experts in consultation with counterparts; The Land Revenue Officer will conduct primary research at the instruction of the leads and manager to record the rights and interests of all parties over land and access to shamilaat (communal land), forestry, water and mineral resources, etc; Bringing risks to the attention of the manager pertaining to execution of workplan activities; The Land Revenue Officer will be responsible for perusing all dimensions of the conflict as identified by the counterparts. S/he will be responsible for exchange of documents and daily communication with the project team manager and the lead experts and will assist in the final report/product. Other duties/responsibilities/deliverables as assigned by the Manager. Requirements: Preferably master degree in law or social sciences; 10 plus years’ experience; Experience in land revenue; Serving or former land revenue officer with experience at tehsildaar and above levels Experience in working with the government; Fluency in Pashto; Understanding of the Merged Areas; Understanding of land records and land revenue; Excellent interpersonal communication skills; Ability to work under stress and to multi-task; Acting as a team player and facilitating teamwork; Positive attitude with a mindset to deliver development services in a professional manner; Self-development and initiative taker; Ability to manage conflict; Work experience with international organizations and/or the United Nations is preferred. Deliverables and Payment terms: Workplan for field activities Due Date – 10 January 2021 Payment Percentage – 10% Planning and organising sessions with counterparts and stakeholders Due Date – 20 January 2021 Payment Percentage – 10% Data collection and drafting record of rights of disputants belonging to party A Due Date – 2 February 2021 Payment Percentage – 20% Data collection and drafting record of rights of disputants belonging to party B Due Date – 12 February 2021 Payment Percentage – 20% Data collection and drafting record of rights of disputants belonging to party C Due Date – 25 February 2021 Payment Percentage – 20% Data collection and drafting record of rights of disputants belonging to party D Due Date – 5 March 2021 Payment Percentage – 20% *Due dates and deliverables can be amended by the Security and Justice Manager

Corporate Competencies:

– Demonstrates integrity by modeling the organizational values and ethical standards;

– Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of the organization;

– Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability;

– Treats all people fairly without favoritism;

– Fulfills all obligations to gender sensitivity and zero tolerance for sexual harassment.

Organizational Values: Human rights and gender equality are prioritized as ethical principles within all actions; Activities are designed and implemented in accordance with “Social and Environmental Standards” of the organization; Any kind of diversity based on ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion, class, gender is respected within all implementations including data production; Differentiated needs of women and men are considered in all aspects of the programme; An inclusive approach is reflected within all actions and implementations through the creation of an enabling and accessible work setup; Necessary arrangements to provide gender parity within all committees, meetings, trainings, etc. Benefits:
Excellent opportunities to develop your technical skills in a policy environment alongside national and international experts Competitive market salary International work environment Women-friendly workplace Reporting lines: Direct and dotted line:

Reporting to Security and Justice Manager.


Payment will be disbursed on approval of deliverables by Chief Technical Specialist.


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