Area Coordinator


Job Description

Under the direct supervision of the Provincial Polio Eradication Officer and the technical guidance of the Provincial Team Leader, the incumbent will work as Area Coordinator, within the framework of national policies and guidelines defined in WHO programme and policy documents to provide support to the polio eradication efforts through support to SIAs, RI strengthening and poliomyelitis surveillance

1. Coordination and Leadership:

Ø Provide technical support to the Divisional Task Force on poliomyelitis eradication, including

training/capacity building of all staff in all aspects of polio eradication.

Ø Coordinates and supervises the work of WHO staff in the assigned districts.

Ø Advocate for support to other priority health interventions with policy makers with government

and other stakeholders.

Ø Support the full implementation of the National Emergency Action Plan (NEAP) and other key

policy documents on polio eradication and immunization at the divisional level.

2. Supplemental Immunization Activities: Support preparations, implementation and monitoring of supplementary immunization activities as per the NEAP requirements and timelines:

Ø Provide technical support in the preparation and monitoring of the quality of Micro-planning

at all administrative levels of the division, including resource rationalization.

Ø Ensure optimally rationalized resource plans and timely submission to the provincial for

review and approval.

Ø Ensure appropriate team, AICs, and UCMOs selection criteria are met as specified in the NEAP


Ø Guide the districts in the planning and implementation of trainings/capacity building for

various categories of health workers involved in vaccination and supervision.

Ø Ensure supervision and monitoring mechanism in the assigned districts for all categories of

health workers during the Implementation phase of the campaign and share the key

observations and recommendations / action points with responsible authorities on daily basis.

Ø Ensure there is a mechanism in place in the assigned districts to monitor the utilization of

resources and immediately report issue/misuse, if any to the immediate supervisor and

provincial team leader.

Ø Participate in the identification and selection of the appropriate independent monitors for

intra/post campaign monitoring.

Ø Analyze and monitor SIA data and reports of monitors at all phases of the campaign, conduct

post campaign reviews and recommend timely corrective measures as per guidelines.

Ø Ensure all the assigned districts have a clear focus on the high-risk populations during all the

phases of the campaign in line with the special strategies devised for risk populations and the

National Emergency Action Plan for Polio Eradication.

Ø Support the assigned districts in ensuring front line workers are promptly paid for services

rendered through support for the DDM mechanism

3. Surveillance: Responsible for establishment of a sensitive surveillance system in the assigned districts through implementation the NEAP priorities for surveillance:

Ø Complement the efforts of assigned districts health authorities /staff, and other PEI

personnel and ensure timely investigation of all AFP cases including timely stool

collection and transportation, line listing, data analysis/interpretations and appropriate

actions are undertaken in response to the surveillance findings.

Ø Lead the prioritization of surveillance sites and ensure district specific

integrated surveillance plan is in place and that regular visits are

carried out through targeted supervisory visits.

Ø Ensure all investigations for triggers and events related to PEI is conducted timely,

including detailed epidemiological investigations of urgent (hot), confirmed and

compatible polio cases, AFP cases with zero routine/SIA OPV dose/AFP clustering.

Ø Ensure timely follow up and completion of all investigations of AFP cases for classification

by respective district committees and referral to provincial ERC for relevant cases.

Ø Supports disease surveillance training / capacity building activities in the assigned


Ø Ensure timely collection and shipment of environmental samples, carry out quarterly

walk throughs and report to the provincial office to ensure the environmental site(s)

meet the required criteria.

Ø Carry out regular in-depth review of the surveillance system performance in the assigned


4. Routine Immunization:

Ø Ensure the support of PEI support in the assigned districts in the development of

microplans for REC/RED approach and ensure their proper implementation and


Ø Support the teams in the assigned districts to prioritize weak performing UCs, and design

a mechanism to improve the areas of weakness.

Ø Coordinate with partners on activities related to routine immunization and ensure

community participation.

Ø Timely analysis and interpretation of routine immunization data and its use for corrective


Ø Ensure there is a system of recording and linking of the under immunized and zero dose

children to immunization delivery points.

Ø Perform quarterly data quality audits on the routine immunization data in assigned


Ø Support the districts in carrying out cold chain assessment and ensuring proper vaccine

management system is in place.

Ø Provide technical support for the quarterly/adhoc divisional review meetings

5. Other activities

Ø Assist with the strengthening of the integrated VPDs surveillance system, with

emphasis to case-based measles and MNT surveillance.

Ø Support authorities in the assigned districts in ILI/SARI and COVID-19 surveillance and


Ø Implement any additional tasks and/or activities related to polio eradication assigned by

the supervisor

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